Digital Agency Payroll Software

Growing our digital agency has been an adventure, what’s best Payroll is the easiest part

If you have not had the same experience then your not using a Gusto.

Gusto is an automatic Payroll and HR software that is super easy to use, automates our taxes, and allows us to hire people quickly as employees or freelancers.

Employees love it, the onboarding for new people is so seem less all you have to do is send them a link.

Plus it integrates with QuickBooks online, Google Workspace, Dropbox and more! We can literally hire someone and Gusto will automatically connect and create all the multiple accounts saving countless hours in onboarding.

If your a digital agency and paying some company $$$ to do your payroll you don’t need too. It takes us a total of 10 minutes a week to run payroll. That’s only because we manually enter sales commission for our sales reps!

I know you’ll love it and I know it will save you money, if you want to give it a go use my referral code below!

You’ll get a $200 Visa Gift card during during the months of Dec 22′ and Jan 23′ and it will be a $400 Visa gift card if you have over 10 employees!

Make sure to come back and thank me!