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Where we started

Andrew Fair, CEO of Website Genii, knows that a business cannot get ahead without integrity. After years of working with other companies and seeing the dark underbelly of industry secrets, he wanted to build this company with high standards in place. In an industry full of shortcuts and black hat practices – it’s not hard to stand out as a superior organization. 

Website Genii was founded in 2016 by Andrew Fair, CEO. Not your typical entrepreneur, Andrew knew he needed to hit the ground running to learn everything he could about providing high-quality web development services for his community.

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We’re not your average SEO company. We do it all by working with the best tools and technologies in the Industry

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Website Genii only utilizes the most reputable, ethical, and professional methods in all of our work. We will never stop striving to be a company that stands out as exemplary amongst all others in this industry.


We have hand-selected a trusted team of professionals to ensure we are perfectly suited to build your website.

While it is a known fact that some web firms will charge an arm and a leg while only actually working a fraction of the hours implied – Andrew has built a culture of transparency and integrity within his company.

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Our team can build a clean and modern website that will drive traffic to your website, generate leads for your business, boost brand awareness, and grow overall sales.

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Our team has studied the psychological aspect of how users interact with websites and can utilize that knowledge to provide your business with an online presence that will generate actionable leads and increase conversions.