Website Design:


WordPress Websites

Search Engine Optimization:

Little jobs or big, we can go to any existing website and add necessary SEO properly so Google and other search engines can properly read your website. There is two types of SEO, technical which includes meta tags, h1-h6 tags, etc. which is done every time you create content, change content, or when you add SEO to existing content. The second is ongoing SEO. This works by using search queries that you are ranking high or finding ones we want to rank better and targeting these with new content creation or adjusting current content.

We make sure to submit your website using Google Search Console for indexing.

We can do all data highlighting and location highlighting so your search results show up with more detailed information. This helps Google provide anyone searching direct answers to questions about your business. Please visit our Search Engine Optimization page for more information.


We offer retainer options that will satisfy anyone’s needs. We provide all work with as much SEO goodness we can because why would you put it on the internet any other way? Visit our retainer page for more information!

Other services:


Hosting is available at $300/yr. This provides your website with an SSL certificate so you too can have that nice green lock in the corner. This is a standard traffic local website cost. High Traffic websites please ask for further details.

Print Materials

Print pages can be designed for that big meeting, project proposal and much more. Please contact us using the Footer contact at the bottom of the page for further information. We will send you the design and layout so you may order your prints(or print it yourself!)

Social Media

We can set up your social media pages to your liking. Creating a look that is in all reaches of the social media world. We can do more with social media, please contact us for more details.

Online Advertising

We can set up advertising and run your campaigns. Our options that we use for advertising includes Google Adwords, Google Adwords Express, and Facebook Advertising.