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Do You Need a New Website for Your Business?

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What is your website? Your company’s first impression. It needs to be updated, fresh, and on-trend. You need a website that reflects the current look and feel of your business’s online presence.

If you’re reading this, chances are your website isn’t meeting your goals. It’s time to invest in a new one. Your old site might be clunky and dated, or it might have been created by someone else who doesn’t know what you want. Either way, it’s hurting your business because the site is holding you back from achieving success online.  

The good news? You don’t need to break the bank for an awesome site that will help grow your business and make a lasting impression on customers!

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From a simple brochure site to the most advanced e-commerce website – Website Genii’s web development team can make it happen for your business.

Responsive Development

Custom Websites – Responsive Design and Development

With so much competition, it is important to have a user experience that sticks out from the rest. Responsive web design is an integral part of any business’s online presence these days. It will allow your customers to have a seamless experience on any device they use, which means you’ll be able to reach more potential customers.

One of the best things about our web development services is that they allow for easy updates by our clients without needing to rely on hiring new employees with specific (expensive) skill sets. This makes it possible for small businesses, in particular, to get up-to-date online quickly and easily, while still retaining control over their content and brand message.

  • Front-End: Otherwise known as client-side development, this is the process of writing the code that allows users to interact with your website. Here at Website Genii, we study the psychology behind how people use websites and then use that information to build your site to meet the needs of your customers and generate better conversion rates and higher quality leads.
  • Back-End: Otherwise known as server-side development, this process creates the core computational logic of a website that integrates with the front-end application. Backend developers write the coding that is the behind the scenes building blocks of your website.
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Our custom websites are as unique as your business. They’re easy to use and always look great.


Website Development Services

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With years of training and experience behind the keyboard – our front-end developers and back-end developers are able to take your website from a vision to reality through our tried and tested modern web development process. Located in Athens, GA – Website Genii’s developers can work with a variety of programming languages and open-source, templated, or fully custom web designs depending on your business’s specific requirements and we will work closely with you to ensure your company’s needs are met.

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Lines of Code Written:

> 500,000

Average Load Time:

< 2 seconds

Bounce Rate:

< 40%

Fit Your Needs

We Customize Every Website We Develop to Fit Your Needs

Once it is time to launch your high-quality, cutting-edge website, you can trust that it will exceed your every expectation in regards to functionality, usability, and appearance. Our CMS options (content management systems) will create and manage your web content to ensure there is always fresh and exciting information for your users to consume. This will draw visitors back time and time again.

  1. Custom WordPress Themes
  2. Custom HTML5/CSS3/Javascript Sites
  3. Custom AMP Sites
  4. ModX & Many More
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Looking for a web developer in Athens to create or redesign your website? Let our team of full-stack developers make sure you have the best site possible.


Turning Your Ideas Into Reality

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If you’re looking for a website in Athens, GA to help take your business to the next level and give you that competitive edge over other local businesses then Website Genii is the agency for you. We can design and develop websites of all shapes and sizes, from small brochure sites with only a few pages up to large e-commerce sites featuring thousands of products. 

Our web developers have years of experience studying many varieties of coding languages and techniques. We build beautiful and functional custom websites that will look great on desktop computers or mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. If you’re looking for a company that can help your business grow online, get in touch!

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Whether your needs are simple or complex, Website Genii has the skills, knowledge, and creativity to find a solution that fits your budget.

No Shortcuts

Need a Real Website? We Won’t Take Shortcuts.

We know that a website can be the first step in taking your business to the next level. It’s also something that could make or break future success if you don’t do it right, so why take shortcuts? At Website Genii we won’t cut corners and will work with you every step of the way to get everything just right! 

For more information on how we build your website visit the Our Process page. Don’t forget – Website Genii provides ongoing long-term support – for more information visit our Website Growth Solutions and Search Engine Optimization pages. 

Website Genii is a full-service digital marketing firm with experts to handle your website design, copywriting, SEO, lead generation, and much more  – all from one source. Reach out today to find out how we can help grow your business!

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