Gold Hog’s Digital Transformation by Website Genii

This project is not merely a website; it’s a testament to the fusion of aesthetic design and functional brilliance, tailor-made for the basketball training facility.

A Blend of WordPress Ease and Shopify Power

The challenge was to create a website that mirrors Gold Hog’s commitment to quality and innovation while ensuring a user-friendly experience. Website Genii rose to this challenge by designing a website that runs on the robustness of Shopify’s e-commerce capabilities, coupled with the flexibility and ease of content management offered by WordPress. This dual-platform approach ensures that Gold Hog can efficiently manage their extensive product range—from highbankers and sluice mats to stream sluices and accessories—while offering their customers a smooth shopping experience.

The website’s custom design is crafted through a meticulous prototyping process, ensuring every aspect aligns with Gold Hog’s brand identity. It reflects the company’s ethos of innovation, with over a decade of leading the industry and holding over 20 patents. This forward-thinking approach is mirrored in the website’s design, which is both modern and functional, appealing to both professional miners and prospecting enthusiasts.



Elevating Gold Hog’s Online Presence

Website Genii’s work on represents more than just a website; it’s a digital solution that enhances Gold Hog’s online presence and sales capabilities. The website stands as a testament to Website Genii’s ability to create digital platforms that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and user-centric.

Discover the gold standard of e-commerce integration and experience the seamless fusion of design and functionality at Gold Hog.

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