Southern Land Exchange: A Transformation Story

Southern Land Exchange, a premier land real estate company, now boasts a fully revitalized and user-friendly website, thanks to Website Genii.

When they contacted Website Genii, Southern Land Exchange had already started a website redesign project. They wanted a modern site that didn’t rely on their existing property management process, which was complex and cumbersome. Unfortunately, they faced significant setbacks when their first design agency was sold and the project could not be completed as expected.  

Website Genii skillfully navigated the complexities of inheriting a challenging project from another firm and delivered a custom solution that significantly improved the experience for both front and back-end users.

User-Friendly Design Meets Advanced Functionality

The key to Website Genii’s success with Southern Land Exchange was developing a website that streamlined the process of adding and updating property listings and agent profiles. Utilizing Custom Post Types with custom fields, the website now allows for effortless updates, making it a breeze for the Southern Land Exchange team to keep their listings current and comprehensive.

This ease of use extends to the end-users as well, who benefit from an array of search options to browse through properties. Each real estate agent on the team has a dedicated page featuring their listings, ensuring that potential buyers and sellers can easily find and connect with the right professional for their needs.

Explore the New Southern Land Exchange Website

To experience the seamless integration of design and functionality and to view their extensive property listings, visit Here, the result of Website Genii’s expertise is on full display, offering a glimpse into the future of real estate websites.

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