Reboot Computer Company

Reboot Computer Company Set Up


Reboot Computer Company was started by Isaac and Morgan Rhodes to serve the needs of home owners and businesses, both large and small. Isaac began building and repairing computer systems for Computer Paramedics while going to school at Westwood College of Technology in Denver, CO. After graduating with a degree in Computer Networking, he continued work in the IT and computer services field. Three years later, Isaac began his quest into business management, but still worked with computers on the side. He was in restaurant management for six years, but has always dreamed of having his own business. Partnered with his wife, Morgan, the couple share a vision of giving back to family, church, and the community. Reboot Computer Company is built and runs on a few simple values: be honest, pray, speak with integrity, and do unto others as you would have them do to you. Building lasting relationships with customers, and getting back to the good, local, family owned business is what we hope Reboot will be known for. We are here to answer the call for computer help 24 hours a day, and guarantee to provide exceptional service.


Everyone loves the video website and Isaac is thrilled. He told me what he wanted and I brought it to life. Working together to make him what he wanted. He has the website running now 24-7 in his Winder location. Be sure to check them out!