How to take a screenshot and email it

Today we are going to take a quick tutorial on How to take a screenshot and email it in only 7 easy steps! Guess what? They all have screenshots!


Why would you need this?

Describing websites seems like it would be an easy thing to do. Though some people have trouble navigating and a bunch of shapes and images just blend together. Instead of wasting the time typing out the most accurate description you can.

Up in the top right of the screen near the blue button, but next to the settings icon!

Don’t do this again. Take a screen shot, crop it,  and send it.

Step 1

Simply go to the page that you want to take learn How to take a screenshot and email i. We are going to use our homepage today.

Step 2

When you are looking at the page you want. Press on your keyboard the “windows key” and “print screen”. Below is an image of the windows key in which I am referring to and it’s counterpart Command key on the Mac.

Step 3

Open your email and click to add photo.

Step 4

Click the Upload tab and click upload to upload your picture.

Step 5

When you find your file. Normally in the folder  “…/Pictures/Screenshots”. Right click the image you just took, or the one you want to add and click “Edit”.

Step 6

This will open paint. From here you can crop, paint, color, circle, cut out, anything you want to do with paint. I normally just need to crop the area I am focused. Other things I will do is put a red box around whatever item I am referring to.

Now at the top of paint there is a Square with Select below it. Click the dotted line square and use it on your image to select the area you want to keep. Then going back to the dotted line square you click crop when your area is selected.

Once your image is cropped you must save! Click the little save icon in the top left and close paint with that nice “x” close button!

Step 7 – Finished!

Now you simply select the same photo you right clicked to edit. You will see the changes have already taken effect. Double click and now it is added to your email. This will save you and anyone you are sending this to lots of time and frustration from finding content.


Hope this helped!