Viper Security Technologies



Viper Security Technologies is a security company that want’s to keep you safe. If it is your home or place of business their team of professionals knows the industry inside and out. With in depth knowledge in VoIP services, security, fire alarms, HD surveillance, and motion detection. These guys can ensure your safety.


Entire website was coded by hand to ensure fastest load times. With complete Search Engine Optimization built into the website, website indexed with Google for faster scanning and the website is fully responsive to work on all devices.

David Mathis with Barrelle Roofing



David Mathis is the only roofer I would ever let touch my roof. He knows roofing better than I know the back of my hand. He knows every single detail that can void your warranty and cost you thousands and he has the best heart and kindness you can find in a person.

I was happy to make a landing page and help advertise for David online using many free services to get his name out there we have been able to quickly grow his presence online without paid advertising.

Check his landing page out and find out more about how he can help for your roofing needs. We also made him a Google MyBusiness account, Facebook Page, Craiglist Ad and Oodle Ad.  With more to come!


David was very happy with the results and we continue to work together to achieve more leads to help people avoid bad roofers who are not true professionals.

Website created for Roofing Company



Barrelle Roofing is an amazing roofing company who really wanted to update their website. Being able to change content pages for future business changes with ease. They specialize in their job and really know their stuff. Not a short term roofing company they have been in the game for over 22 years!

When starting their website we wanted to make sure we were not going to affect any email’s or or Search Engine Optimization in an negative capacity. Assuring them that this was no issue and we were going to improve the Search Engine Optimization without damaging their hard earned rankings!

After a few week of construction we brought the website live and it has continued to get traffic the entire time. We made sure customers were still able to contact them during the transition period as  business doesn’t stop for anything!


We were proud to present them with their new website but having them involved during the whole process really helps to get them what they wanted.

Checking your Meta Robots Tag

This is something that has recently been brought to light.  I really should have seen it coming because in every industry you have these people.

Deceptive Web Designers

When you get a website, you expect it to be found on Google. You would like to come up with your business information if someone searches you. You also want to come up for results for things that you do. This is actually all very easy to get. You may actually be being duped by the person who made your website or you may have accidently set this setting yourself. Either way, you need to rectify this immediately!

There is a very short piece of code, that you can see for yourself, that tells Google what to do when it scans your website. This is your meta robots tag. If the person who built your website really wanted you to pay for traffic, then they can do something to make you not get traffic you deserve. By telling Google NOT to look at your web pages. As you can imagine, if Google does not look at your web pages, then Google doesn’t know anything about you. If Google doesn’t know what you do, it cannot list you as a result.

The only thing Google will be able to see is the domain name of your website and title. That means if your designer or if it was accidently entered you would be essentially deprived of the FREE search service from Google. This is no good!

Want to know the trick to finding out if you have been duped?

Option 1:

I found this awesome tool that is easy to use for the general public. Go to Simply type in your home page or any page you expect to be found in Google. It will give you the results of index or noindex or nothing. Noindex is bad news and you need to contact us today to get that removed.

Option 2 Manual:

Go to your website and pick a page that you know should be on Google for everyone to see. Like…your home page, about us page, product page, etc. Pages you would want to show up in search results (not stuff like coupons, etc).

Right click your webpage and click “inspect”.

Picture of inspect menu

We are looking for the meta robots tag. You can actually open your <head> by clicking the head and scroll down through this and look for <meta name=”robots”…

You can also press  “ctrl” + “F” for Find. You will see a search box appear at the bottom. You should search for “robots” or “noindex”.

This meta tag is targeted to robots that scan the web. Google is one of these robots.

If you find this then that is great! <meta name=”robots” content=”index,follow”>

This is telling the robots “I want you to index(save and read) my webpage and I want you to follow the links that go to my webpage”.

Picture of Websites code and finding the meta robots tag.


If your website says:

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,follow”>

The “noindex” is what we are looking at specifically.

Noindex means that your website is telling Google not to even look at what is on your webpage.  As you can imagine, this is the opposite of what you want.

The longer your website has been on the internet the more rank juice it can get. If your website is up as a noindex, you may as well not be looking for anyone to find you because Google doesn’t even know who you are.

The thing is I hope no web designer is doing this on purpose. If this did happen to you I am sorry and I really hope it was just an accident. Though if they know how SEO works or sell SEO services then I would assume they know what they are doing.


Dan Nolan has a great article that explains more about the noindex and how it works and when to use it.

When you want honest work, you come to Website Genii LLC. We charge you for the work that we do.

Doorway Deliveries

Doorway Deliveries Logo


Visit Doorway


Doorway Deliveries is a grocery shopping and delivery service located in Watkinsville and Athens Georgia area.  We have been growing their presence online since day one. If you are in the area, try to search anything for grocery delivery. You will see Doorway Deliveries! This online presence is essential for any business being searched online. If you are not on the front page, you are not being seen.


Doorway Deliveries is rank 1 in  many search categories and is able to capitalize on the search market online. Being at the front line of anyone who is actually interested in grocery delivery they are able to receive new customers monthly. Grocery delivery is a smaller market and doesn’t have as many searches a month compared to another work in progress with computer repair or another popular category.

Josh Webb and Associates

Josh Picture Square




Our philosophy is simple: clients come first. We pledge to be in constant communication with our clients, keeping them fully informed throughout the entire buying or selling process. We believe that if you’re not left with an amazing experience, we haven’t done our job. We don’t measure success through achievements or awards, but through the satisfaction of our clients.


We have been working with Josh to get his website up in the rankings. It is always a bit more different to get started due to penalties Google places on brand new websites. We have generated results and are working on growing this for Josh and look forward to getting him some more home sales.