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Doorway Deliveries is a grocery shopping and delivery service located in Watkinsville and Athens Georgia area.  We have been growing their presence online since day one. If you are in the area, try to search anything for grocery delivery. You will see Doorway Deliveries! This online presence is essential for any business being searched online. If you are not on the front page, you are not being seen.


Doorway Deliveries is rank 1 in  many search categories and is able to capitalize on the search market online. Being at the front line of anyone who is actually interested in grocery delivery they are able to receive new customers monthly. Grocery delivery is a smaller market and doesn’t have as many searches a month compared to another work in progress with computer repair or another popular category.

Choosing a hosting service

Choosing a hosting service can be a complex thing to do. It helps to have someone kind of break it down into a simpler way of looking at it. Every hosting company will sugar coat every feature they have but what they don’t do is tell you every feature they don’t have, or worse…charge you for.

So when you are looking for a hosting service you must first know, what are you going to be using it for.

How do you handle your emails?

Are you emails routed through your hosting service? or are they routed through a separate MX server? This can matter greatly.

Not all hosting services are created equal, and even though some preach the speeds they don’t offer the quality. Going with big boy companies like Hostgator and GoDaddy is a safe bet to keep your website up and running. This normally entails a shared hosting network which, unless you are drawing thousands of views daily, this works perfectly fine for you.

How do I know what level of hosting I should get?

Always get SSL. This is required by Google now to rank better in search results. It also makes your website safe to shop on and make transactions, take payments. As if you don’t do anything of that or handle peoples information. This is not necessary, though if you do handle peoples information you need to get SSL secured.

Don’t do any hosting that limits views, or people on the website. People tend to view certain things at certain times of the day. It needs to be able to handle spikes.

If the hosting is >$5 a month then it is either on sale or your about to get a really bad connection. The sad part is most people who do so don’t visit their website frequently to ensure it is running. They just trust that it is, sadly I find these companies to load slower. Go down more often, and crash under stress. Which is never a good sign.

My number one recommendation for hosting is to go with Hostgator. They have a business package that really hits the spot with SSL included and full availability to your files so you can do whatever you want to do.

You must be careful, because websites like Wix, Squarespace, and many others offer great hosting, at great rates. The problem is they charge for features. If you can’t access or add CSS. If you can’t go into the HTML file and add code to your header unless you pay more that is feature based and you are being charged on convenience and normally still on a shared server. Also many of these websites if you decide you want to move to a different host will not give you the website you created. As they still claim it as their software so you are stuck rebuilding your website, save the content before you cancel!