Website created for Roofing Company



Barrelle Roofing is an amazing roofing company who really wanted to update their website. Being able to change content pages for future business changes with ease. They specialize in their job and really know their stuff. Not a short term roofing company they have been in the game for over 22 years!

When starting their website we wanted to make sure we were not going to affect any email’s or or Search Engine Optimization in an negative capacity. Assuring them that this was no issue and we were going to improve the Search Engine Optimization without damaging their hard earned rankings!

After a few week of construction we brought the website live and it has continued to get traffic the entire time. We made sure customers were still able to contact them during the transition period as ┬ábusiness doesn’t stop for anything!


We were proud to present them with their new website but having them involved during the whole process really helps to get them what they wanted.