Search Engine Optimization


A screenshot of Website Genii SEO
A screenshot of Website Genii SEO

Search Engine Optimization is something every website should be created with. This feature is available on most websites and hosting services and should be built into any website when it is created. What is it and why do I need it?


Search Engine Optimization is just a fancy way of saying readable. Not by us, but by major search engines such as Google and even screen readers. The algorithms cannot read websites like you and me. They need organizers and dividers so it knows what it is looking at. Screen readers use the same details to navigate through the page. Screen readers and Google both use alt tags for images and long desc for complex pictures. Meta name, description, and logo are great for Google. Placing H1 tags on your titles, then organizing the titles by h2/h3/h4/h5/h6 appropriately. Keeping text in HTML so it is readable by Google. This is what Google wants and will rank you better by simply being straight forward and showing you know what you are. Without these, in your website, Google will only be guessing at what information you provide on your website. Do you want Google to guess your business or do you want to tell it?

So what Search Engine Optimization do we provide you?

With all websites that we build, we make sure to include all technical Search Engine Optimization so that when the website is live, you are good to go. We will index your website upon completion to Google search console to ensure you get a head start in showing Google your new, improved website is available for viewing. Google will then scan the website taking as little as a few days or as much as months to index the entire website.  Expect this to be included in your website unless otherwise noted. This is for full websites that we create and any content or pages we make as part of a smaller job.

Already have a website but not looking to make design updates?

We can do a direct quote on adding Search Engine Optimization to your current website. This price can vary greatly depending on what your website is built on and how accessible it is. Hosting companies offer a wide variety of options but most will offer free Search Engine Optimization. Though there are still a few that will charge you for Search Engine Optimization access. In most cases, you must have access to the header, text, and coding of the website. Please contact us with the form below and we can answer any question in the convenience of your email.

Can I get on page one of Google?

This is something that should never be promised. We focus on Organic ranking. Which means building your online reputation so that you get search results without paying for it. So when someone searches your service or you that you are an option that comes up.  We know what we are doing and are careful with our technical Search Engine Optimization as it greatly affects what people and Google see.


Your company should show up for results of what you do and your name. To show up in results of what you do, you have to actually place appropriate descriptions in your meta and the correct titles in your pages. Then telling Google specifically what services you provide and where you are located gets even better results.

Keep in mind there are many things that can damage your Search Engine Optimization ranking and even remove you from results. These include:

Hacked Websites

Web sites with NoIndex

New Websites (under 6 months)

So make sure to contact us today for a free consultation and we can see what you can do to better your online visibility. I will be happy to give pointers and even tips to making your own website better found. I can look through your website’s code and see what improvements can be made.

If you want to stop fooling around with web designers who make websites. Come to Website Genii LLC, we stay honest and get you found.


Doorway Deliveries is a grocery delivery service and shows up for pretty much anything you would search for. They don’t have to do much advertising because of organic results. Search Grocery Delivery on Google

Reboot Computer Company is another company that if you search what they are doing like computer repair in Monroe Ga. They show up in results like they should.