Have web site work that lasts year round? You found the right place!

We offer flexible options that allow for any needs.

Stuff we can do with your website includes:


Each blog post or new page or simply adding content includes all applicable SEO:

H1-H6 tags
Image Alt Tags
Video Alt tags
Long Desc tags
Article highlighting
Book Review highlighting
Event highlighting
Local Business highlighting
Movies highlighting
Product highlighting
Restaurant highlighting
Page Indexing


Remember, if you post to your website that is wonderful. The more content the better, if Google and the rest of the internet can’t read it, how can it know what it is?

Tier Choices

Tier 1:


Website updates. We will manage your website and ensure it stays up to date. All plugins, back-up’s, and updates that need to be updated we will handle. This does not include time to do any requested changes*. 

Tier 2:

2/hrs/mo (24/hrs/yr) $60/hr

Retainer. You need a little bit of work every month or have a few major changes a year. This would be the best choice for you.

Tier 3:

4/hrs/mo (48/hrs/yr). $56/hr

Retainer. You make multiple updates every month and like to stay on top of things.

Tier 4:

10/hrs/mo (120/hrs/yr) $52/hr

Retainer.  You have lots of content to add to the website monthly.

Tier 5:

20/hrs/mo (240/hrs/yr) $48/hr

Retainer.  You’re getting busy and this website is taking to much time, you need someone else to handle it.

Tier 6:

40/hrs/mo (480/hrs/yr) $44/hr

Retainer.   Business is booming and your website in hogging all your employees time.

Tier 7:

80/hrs/mo (960/hrs/yr) $40/hr

Retainer.  You have considered hiring someone, but realized a pro can do it faster, without worry!


*Standard small request work is $80/hr.

Frequently Asked Questions

How about Search Engine Optimization?

Not only will we enter your content, but we will include all Search Engine Optimization that will help boost your updates and get it instantly indexed to maximize visibility. Being on a retainer ensures you go to the front of the line, with most requests being completed within hours. Once we publish your article on your website, we will proceed to Google Webmaster’s Tools and submit that specific page for indexing. This tells Google immediately that this page is ready.

Is the page a product? Store location? Book review?

We will use appropriate data highlighting so Google will display this information directly in search increasing your chances of customers seeing your company.

Pay Advertising?

We will be happy to manage your pay advertising. We will work with you to monitor and target search phrases that identify with your business and most of all, collect the best available traffic. Under $50/day in advertising expenses, we will normally recommend Google Adwords Express, if over $50/day we can proceed to Google Adwords. Pay advertising monitoring and targeting is minimum Tier 3 or higher.

So what happens if you are on the 10 hr retainer and use 15 hrs that month?

If you do not have any rollover hours then you will be charged the same hourly rate as your current tier.  This invoice will be sent at the end of the month you went over.

What happens if I am on Tier 1 and I get 5 hrs that month?

You would be billed appropriately at the tier you fall into. In this example you were paying $55/hr and had 5 hrs, you would be charged the Tier 2 $50/hr for ALL hours that month. ($250)

What happens to my hours if I don’t use them that month?

ROLLOVER! Yes, you heard me, you paid for the hours, then you get the hours. *

Are you on Tier 5 and had an extra 6 hrs in January but needed extra hours in February?

No worries, your 6 hours will carry over. *

Other perks?

You will always get bumped to the front of the line. Your business is important to us and that is why you have us on retainer! Most work will be completed as soon as you send us the request.


*Extra hours are not exchangeable for any monetary amount and can only be used for future work. This is a convenience. Any unused hours have a 6 month year expiration date.