Website Renovation

We are the website renovators.
What does that mean?
We specialize in making your website fit you.
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We understand that a great deal of work has been done to create the website you have. The content has taken a long time to create and you are proud of what you have. We can update the look of your website without having to recreate your content.
When we redesign your website we will include all necessary Search Engine Optimization features such as adding all H1-H6 tags, meta tags, alt tags, disc tags and more.  This makes search engines, such as Google, recognize your website and understand what you offer.
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Your website will be responsive, which makes it easily viewable on any device. Your website will keep its shape and flex to whatever size screen it needs to be.

Has your business changed so much your website doesn’t give the proper picture of who you are?

This can be a major concern especially if your business has changed directions, opened new services, or simply look different! Let us renovate!

Is your website too complicated to make the changes?

When you had your website built it was back in the starting days of web design. Another possibility is a designer made a website without regard to if you would want make changes in the future. Said this was an “additional” expense.

Does your website look like it is from the 90’s?

Most likely because it is, yet you should be pleased to know most websites from the 90’s are HTML websites and can easily be transferred into a new WordPress website.