New Website Design

Got a business but don’t have a website? You need a website! So . . . how?

With Website Genii, LLC. we offer affordable options for any business to get started. We don’t sell you what you don’t need, we get you what you do need.

Here is what every website needs to get started.

Step 1. Select your Domain name.

You want your domain name to be as short and memorable as possible.  You want it to normally be your business name or something short that sums up your business. We suggest using when searching and purchasing a domain. They offer privacy and great support compared to many of the competitors.

Step 2. Select your hosting service.

This will depend almost entirely on what you want from your hosting and how much traffic your website will get. We can help select the best hosting option for you. Websites that are not SSL certified rank lower in search results than SSL secure websites, so secure hosting is always best!

Step 3. Content

This is the step that most people skip before starting their website plans. We all get so excited to get our website up and running we want to see how it looks and how it feels! This is a great feeling and we get the same feeling with every website we create.  Having content before you start can be a huge time saver! What is content?

What is content?
Here are some questions to get you started:
How many pages will you have? (Home/About Us/Services/Contact)
What are you going to say in your “About Us”?
How much text space will you need?
What photos do you want to be displayed on the website?
Will you have a vendor form in addition to your contact form?
Will people buy things off of the website?

After we set up an agreement, we can create a website frame in which we use stock photos to give you the feel and idea of how your website will look. This helps many people visualize what pictures and wording they need to create.

Step 4. Creation

Once we combine all of your content with the website layout then comes the finishing steps. We will go over any changes, details, adjustments that you would like and make these changes before completion. This is your website and should represent your company!

What comes with every website?

Your website will be responsive so it will be able to flex to the device that it is being viewed on. We achieve this by using percentages and breakpoints. With more than half of the web is viewed on mobile devices this is essential to be device friendly.

Your website will have all appropriate Search Engine Optimization completed. This includes indexing your website to Google. insert all H1-H6, meta, social media, alt, longdesc tags and more. For more information please visit our Search Engine Optimization page.

Step 5. Maintain

Once your website is live you must maintain your website. This is a crucial step that most people miss. Technology is ever changing and new vulnerabilities come out every day. This is why websites have updates and changes to help target these weaknesses. For WordPress users, this simply means keeping your website and any possible plugins up to date. You must log in at least once a month and make any updates needed. This will ensure your website stays safe and running. If you let it go too long and a vulnerability in your website is revealed, your site can be hacked and that will DESTROY your search presence online. Google will mark it hacked and it’s ranking will plummet. Something that can take a year or more to fix. We offer maintenance options from making sure your website stays up to date, to work retainer for any changes or updates you need.

Contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions you have!