Process Equipment and Controls: Pioneering Industrial Solutions

Process Equipment and Controls (PEC) has experienced a remarkable digital transformation, thanks to the expert services of Website Genii. Specializing in a wide array of industrial services, PEC’s collaboration with Website Genii has led to a redesigned website, effective SEO strategies, and an ongoing PPC campaign. This partnership has been instrumental in securing a $5 million client for PEC and continues to generate leads amidst an economic slowdown.

A Comprehensive Digital Strategy for Industrial Growth

Website Genii’s approach for PEC encompassed more than just a website redesign; it was a holistic digital strategy. The new website elegantly showcases PEC’s extensive services, including automation & robotics, electrical & controls, and industrial maintenance. This comprehensive online presence not only reflects PEC’s expertise in large-scale industrial services but also makes information easily accessible to potential clients.

The SEO efforts by Website Genii have been pivotal in enhancing PEC’s online visibility, leading to significant business growth. This is complemented by a targeted PPC campaign, tailored to reach specific audiences and drive further engagement.



Discover Process Equipment and Controls’ Industrial Expertise

To explore the range of industrial solutions offered by Process Equipment and Controls and witness the impact of Website Genii’s digital expertise, visit

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