WereYourPainters.com: A Success Story

Website Genii revitalized WereYourPainters.com by enhancing its website speed and user experience, alongside a thorough content overhaul. This led to improved Google search rankings, effective ad campaigns, and a significant increase in qualified leads, exceeding the company’s customer acquisition goals.


Achieving Digital Excellence in Painting Services

Website Genii transformed WereYourPainters.com, enhancing site speed and usability while meticulously refining extensive content. This overhaul resulted in improved Google rankings, effective Google Ads, and consistent lead generation, far exceeding the company’s initial goal of 1-2 new customers per month by providing 10-30 qualified leads.


The website’s reconstruction focused on user experience and SEO optimization. The cleanup of hundreds of poorly executed content pages led to a significant boost in search engine visibility. This strategic approach not only revitalized their online presence but also established WereYourPainters.com as a leading service in its field.

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