Armor Packaging Corporation: Seamless Packaging Solutions

Armor Packaging Corporation, a family-owned business specializing in custom packaging solutions, recently underwent a digital makeover by Website Genii.

The original website established a presence online but was little more than a digital business card. They wanted something that could tell their story while helping users explore the full range of their capabilities.

The website redesign successfully showcased Armor Packaging Corporation’s 40+ years of commitment to delivering exceptional packaging solutions and offered a more comprehensive “learning” stage of their digital sales funnel.

Enhancing User Experience and Service Accessibility

The new website design by Website Genii emphasizes Armor Packaging’s range of services and their dedication to quality, loyalty, and customer satisfaction. It provides a more user-friendly platform, allowing clients to easily explore Armor Packaging’s custom packaging services, including intricate packaging designs and tailored solutions for diverse business needs.

This digital transformation marks a new era for Armor Packaging, combining their longstanding expertise with modern web solutions. Website Genii has successfully elevated the brand’s online presence, reflecting their legacy and forward-thinking approach in the packaging industry.

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