Graphic illustration of a group of small business owners determining if paid ads shoud Be Part Of their Company’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Are Google Ads Worth It For Small Businesses?

Should Paid Ads Be Part Of Your Company’s Digital Marketing Strategy?

Google Ads can be a great way for small businesses to offer products and services to new customers. They’re flexible, and you can start, stop, or adjust your bids at any time. With a Google Ads account, businesses can target a virtually unlimited audience of potential customers.

However, Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, is only one piece of the puzzle. Without other aspects in place—such as web design and lead management workflows—Google Ads can do more harm than good.

When used correctly, though, Google Ads can be a powerful tool to reach new customers and grow your business. If you’re thinking about using Google Ads for your small business, here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, Understand How Google Ads Works. 

Google Ads are auction-based online advertisements, which means you compete with other advertisers to have your ad shown on and its partner websites. The amount you pay for each click on your ad (referred to as your “bid”) is just one factor that determines whether your ad appears on a particular search result page.

You can set a daily budget for your Google Ads campaign, and you’ll never be charged more than that amount in a day. You can set bid limits for each keyword, so you don’t accidentally spend too much on a particular topic. You’ll also be able to keep an eye on ad performance metrics on search ads, display ads, and more.

Ad Quality Is Also Important. 

Ad quality includes things like the relevance of your ad copy is to the keyword you’ve chosen, as well as the landing page experience—how relevant and useful the destination website is when people click your ad. A high-quality ad with a low bid can outperform a low-quality ad with a high bid, so it’s important to focus on creating ads that are relevant and will lead to a good user experience.

You’ll want to have good quality scores for your Google Ads. A quality score is google’s way of measuring how relevant and useful your ad, keyword, and landing page are to the person who sees your ad. The higher your quality score, the less you’ll pay per click, and the more likely it is that your ad will be displayed.

Consider Your Goals. 

What do you want people who see your ad to do? Make sure you have a clear call to action, and that your ad leads to a landing page that’s relevant to the ad and designed to convert visitors into customers. Google Analytics can be a valuable tool to track your website’s performance and see how people interact with your website after clicking your ad.

Are you targeting conversion rates, or brand awareness? Depending on your business goals, Google Ads has different features to help your business succeed online. With paid search ads, you’re able to target people who are actively searching for the products or services you offer. If you’re looking to increase brand awareness for your business online, google display ads might be a better option for you.

Choose Your Keywords Carefully. 

Your ad will only be shown to people who are searching for the keywords you’ve selected. So it’s important to choose keywords that are relevant to your business and products or services. You can use google’s keyword planner tool to help you research and select the right keywords for your business.

Much like with Google search results position, the chance of your ad on google’s search results page is determined by a few factors. The bid amount is one factor, but the quality score is also taken into account. You’ll want to make sure you’re bidding on relevant keywords to ensure your ad is being seen by potential customers.

Monitor Your Results. 

Google Ads offers a lot of options for tracking your results. You can see how many people have seen your ad, how many times it’s been clicked, and how much you’ve spent. You can also track conversions—the number of people who take the desired action on your website after clicking your ad.

You’ll want to track your google ads campaign to see what’s working and what’s not. Google Analytics is a valuable tool that can help you track your website’s performance and see how people interact with your website after clicking on your ad.

Put That Search Engine To Work For You

Put That Search Engine To Work For You

Google Ads can offer a valuable and cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes to reach a virtually unlimited, targeted audience. However, they are only one part of the puzzle when it comes to digital marketing success. 

You’ll want to make sure you have a clear call to action, and that your ad leads to a landing page that’s relevant to the ad and designed to convert visitors into customers. With a little bit of planning and effort, google ads can be a great way to grow your small business.

Do you have any questions about google ads for small businesses? Reach out to our team of Google Ads experts to learn more.

Written by: Anna Bennett