AMP Websites

As the world goes to mobile devices, your business needs to be prepared. The best way to do so is to have Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on your website or blogs. Accelerated Mobile Pages are lightning fast and are being used by major companies everywhere.

Fast as lightning

While AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages don’t actually load at the speed of lightning, they are easily recognized by their circle lighting bolt icon that is next to the URL. Next time you search for a website link on your mobile device look for the lighting bolt. These pages load very fast due to how they are coded.

AMP websites work great on laptops and desktops as well as mobile devices. No matter what device someone is using, loading fast is always a benefit.  Most people leave a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

AMP Website on Laptop
AMP Mobile Device


Websites can be responsive for all devices or can have separate versions built so your mobile pages are accelerated mobile pages and your website can have more javascript functionality. All this may mean nothing to you but we will help you pick the perfect solution for your business based on your goals and requirements.


Google loves Accelerated Mobile Pages since they meet all the guidelines that Google has had in place for a long time. Making your pages load fast, less external scripts, and simplifying the amount of external calls that are needed to load your pages are all criteria that Google looks for. AMP pages that have great content are much more likely to be ranked in a higher position than websites with equal content. This may be the boost you need, especially when competing in highly populated online industries.

Check out this video by Google which explains why AMP pages make your mobile experience seemless and enjoyable.

Project Process

Let’s face it, each website project is unique. The workflow will vary but each project has the same process.

Project Research & Planning
Knowing as much as we can up front and planning for it.
We are going to outline a layout before we start.
Design your pages to bring out your brand and style.
Complete all the pieces and bring your project to reality.

Let’s shorten your load time

Are you ready to have one of the fastest pages online? We can help you get there. Schedule a time to speak with us using the button below or use the contact form to ask us for further information.